Cydney Face Killa. (likesandradee) wrote in xgingerx_xsnaps,
Cydney Face Killa.


Name: Cydney
Age: 19
Location: California

::Movie: THE GODFATHER, death to smoochy, de-lovely
::Song: "the girl that i knew somewhere" by the monkees
::Band: the monkees
::Genre of music: Techno pop rock
::Actor/Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Audrey Hepburn

_Love/Like or hate_
Bananas Love them
Hot Topic ....ew.
Snoring hate it.
Boys love them
Girls love them
Jewelry like
Love love it!
Hate like
Dogs love them
Cats love them
Breaking Benjamin like
Ginger Snaps ... hehe love it
Kris Lemche love
Katharine Isabelle like
Emily Perkins like
Mimi Rogers...hate
Snobs hate
Spencer Gifts love
Shopping love
Clothes love
Family like....sometimes.
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