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First Post!

Hello, this is the first post.

Since this is to be an equal community, I fill fill out the application, just to give you an idea(not tht it's complicated).


Name: Samantha
Age: 16
Location: Maine ... :(

::Movie: Ginger Snaps, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Donnie Darko
::Song: Ohh... I made this and I don't even know...possibly, Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
::Band: Shinedown/Lynyrd Skynyrd, too many to name!
::Genre of music: Rock/hard rock
::Actor/Actress: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc...

_Love/Like or hate_
Bananas // like
Hot Topic // like
Snoring // hate
Boys // love :)
Girls // like (not that way tho)
Jewelry // like
Love // like ... :-/
Hate // like
Dogs // love
Cats // hate
Breaking Benjamin // LOVE
Ginger Snaps ... hehe // LOVE
Kris Lemche // LOVE
Katharine Isabelle // LOVE
Emily Perkins // LOVE
Mimi Rogers // Like
Snobs // hate
Spencer Gifts // love
Shopping // hate
Clothes // hate
Family // love
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