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ginger snap sex <3

Name: kourtney kaos
Age: 16
Location: england

::Movie: gigner snaps1/2 (obviously), in hell
::Song: hollow - pantera
::Band: gah to many to choose.. um.. Pantera
::Genre of music: metal
::Actor/Actress: johnny depp!

_Love/Like or hate_
Bananas - hate
Hot Topic - hate
Snoring - hate
Boys - love
Girls - love
Jewelry - if its silver then love
Love - like
Hate - like
Dogs - like
Cats - love
Breaking Benjamin - love
Ginger Snaps ... hehe - love!
Kris Lemche - like
Katharine Isabelle - like
Emily Perkins - like
Mimi Rogers - like
Snobs - despise
Spencer Gifts - hate
Shopping - hate
Clothes - like
Family - no answer.. lol

oh yeah, I can do you a pretty layout for this community if you want :) free obviously cos paying for layouts blows!
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